Botellade Vino and Cruzarez Spanish wines photos

february 2016

The studio has made a photo series of Botella de Vino Spanish table wines.

Botella de Vino is wine that is produced by the famous Spanish company Bodegas Navarro Lopez. The first Bodegas Navarro Lopez wine bottle came out in 1904. Bodegas Navarro Lopez now bottles over 10 million liters of wine per year. Spanish wines are popular in Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, UK and other countries.

We took shots of red and white semi-sweet Botella de Vino wines. White Botella de Vino wines have a light straw shade and a rich flower and fruit flavor. Red Botella de Vino wines have dark red color and an exquisite taste.

Red semi-sweet wine

Labels are printed on artist paper by the famous Finnish company Raflatac using a tactile finish and layered “blind” hot stamping.

Using a macro we emphasized the gold hot embossing and selective finishing.

In vino veritas

The photos were taken for the Etiketka.md Company that provided us with the packaging design templates.

Project was developed by:
  • Art director, designer, photorgapher — Aleksandr Bostan
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