Logotype Export Unie Flora

may 2011

The corporate identity has been designed in the studio for the Export Unie Flora Russian-Dutch company, supplying excellent cut flowers from the leading flower auction of the world.

Specificity of the company’s activity is fully reflected in the form and nature of the logo — in its elegant font, golden hues and graphic elements in the form of a rosebud. The presence in the logo of the royal flower emphasizes the superiority of the company over the competitors and focus on providing high-level services.

For usability and readability on various media, two additional truncated versions of the logo have been created. Besides, depending on the background of advertising surface the customers can use the black, gold or two-color version.

Even not the most experienced designer will be able to use some elements of the logo — flower bud and petals — to create a corporate background...

...and execute corporate attributes.

Flexibility and universality of the Export Unie Flora symbol allow designers successfully experimenting with versions of its application.

Considering the golden color of the logo, it has been decided to make the business card black. Concise and readable text looks clear and emphatic. And among others, which are mainly light, business cards in the customers’ wallets, Export Unie Flora business card will always be beneficially highlighted with color, elitism and style.

Project was developed by:
  • designer — Anatolii Topal