Creating online shops

We have been creating online shops for various areas: technical equipment and appliances, beauty, construction, stationery and office supplies. They all take into account the specificity of products, but based on the same platform that connects to a client accounting system in different ways.

Venera online beauty shop

Venera online beauty shop is for those who want to look their best and take good care of themselves. You’ll find a collection of high-quality make-up, perfumery pieces, as well as technical appliances and other beauty-related products. Our studio has developed a full package, including the company’s logo.

Recent works:

Flexible CMS

Ready-made elements like an in-built banner system, unified ordering system, user database, automated price lists management as well as flexible and adjustable system of parameters and properties help us saving time and money.

Используем SQL, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET C#, ASP.NET SOAP, IIS, XML, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, WCF Services, WinForms, WPF, Windows Server 2008, .NET, Web Applications, Web Services, Visual Studio, AJAX, ASP.NET Web API, Team Foundation Server (TFS), XSLT, Agile, SASS, Responsive design.

We follow Google Page Speed Insights.

Website development timeframes

It takes from two to four months to create an online shop. The timeframes depend on the number of products, the level of complexity of a company’s document workflow integration and an online shop’s functionality.

When it comes to an online shop launch, we use a step-by-step approach: first, we create a minimal functionality package for the quick start and then implement secondary features on an as-needed basis.

We create an off-the-rack product

We provide full-stack development including design and layout, create visual content, and write and format articles. We are ready to work with our customers’ third parties: 1C specialists, SEO experts and content managers.

We provide online shops support in terms of graphic design, from printed leaflets to corporate transport exterior design.

If you already have an online shop platform, contact us to learn about the cost of website design.