Лучшая работа A bedroom of character

april 2016


Она должна быть уютной, но в то же время яркой, чтобы бодрить по утрам. Мы сделали ее в эклектике, выборочно соединив элементы различных стилей: бетон взяли от лофта, обилие белого цвета из скандинавского стиля и яркие вставки — из ретро 60-х.

We installed a full-length segmented mirror beside the makeup table. Along with its main function it magnifies the light in the room — the mirror reflects the light shining from the window in the daytime and the light of the lamps in the evenings.

An eight-kg porcelain stool and a retro-armchair of KARE german company are the adornment of the room. Since 1981, the company creates gorgeous furniture and interior features. Their articles often appear on TV and in music video.

There is plenty of light in the room at any time of day or night

Corner with the armchair is perfectly lighted for comfortable reading. And also it is so enjoyable to recline in such armchair with the legs rested on the bed.

If the owners are going to have a cat, the armchair will belong to that cat

All the light in the room is the light reflected from the walls, shelves and mirrors. It is not dazzling and beautifully highlights the interior shapes.

The reflected light is diffused and restful
Project was developed by:
  • Architect, interior designer — Marina Topal
  • Art director, designer, photorgapher — Aleksandr Bostan
  • Modeller — Artem Grozov
  • Technical designer — Irina Studzinskaya