Blend of generations

july 2015

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The kitchen is well equipped for cooking. The tabletop and sink are made of acrylic and well-lighted along the perimeter. The base cabinet fronts are made of natural veneer.

The workspace and dining space are well-lit

The kitchen is rather small for a big family. To make the room feel bigger, we decided to use a light-colored décor. We have chosen cyan wallpapers because it’s the homeowner’s favorite color. It also combines perfectly with the beige tones chosen by the parents.

We used Open Trellis wallpapers by York Wallcoverings.

It’s the first and the largest wallpaper factory in the US. The company’s wallpaper artists draw inspiration from the vast library containing fragments of vintage wallpapers, tapestries and textiles.

To protect the room from summer heat and to provide a distinct separation of zones, you can draw a curtain between the kitchen and the balcony.

When the apartment is crowded, the balcony is a nice place for holing up or just spending time with your friends without hindering anyone’s work in the kitchen.

Since the balcony separates the kitchen from the window, the room lacks natural lighting. To solve this problem, we used three types of lighting: a pendant lamp, spotlights and LED light strips..

The combination of various light sources creates soft ambient lighting

We’ve also installed an all-purpose piece of furniture that blends seamlessly into an archway and looks like an integral part of it.

For the apartment décor, we used drawings from the Triangle Animals series by Colombian illustrator Juan Mora.

For the elderly, it’s more comfortable to put on footwear while sitting. A couple of pillows on a shoe shelf turn into comfortable seating.

Beige wallpapers, just like the parents wanted

Instead of a bath curtain, we used a static glass screen. It doesn’t require any painstaking cleaning, moreover, it’s mold-proof and protects the bathroom space from splashes of water very efficiently.

Bathroom lighting features spotlights and LED light strips. Since this is a high moisture zone, we used the waterproof LED strips and hid them inside aluminum profiles. They are installed at the junction of the surfaces and don’t stick out.

In the small toilet room, we used a wall-mounted toilet to make the cleaning easier. It takes less space due to the concealed tank. Similar to the bathroom, we used LED strip lighting here. It’s reflected in the tiles and creates a beautiful geometric pattern.

Three generations will live together in this apartment. We made the kitchen well-lit and spacious thanks to the balcony space (and the latter provides a nice hiding nook). The color palette and lighting were chosen with consideration of the inhabitants’ opinion.

Project was developed by:
  • Architect, interior designer — Marina Topal
  • Modeller — Artem Grozov