Scandinavian style meets pop art

january 2015

Odessa   Completed

The most important thing for clients of this age group is a nice, long sleep and good working conditions. The only room features combined sleeping and working areas.

Here you can work enjoying the sea views

The sleeping area wall features a spacious built-in wardrobe. It blends with the white walls seamlessly and doesn’t overload the confined space. Internal lighting allows changing clothes without having to turn on the main lights.

We’ve organized a lounging area at the sea view window. The comfortable chair looks perfect for reading or just relaxing and drinking some green tea that the young married couple love so much.

We’ve used a Wave Metal revolving chair by the Italian company Rattan Wood. The chair’s rounded frame is made of essential oil-impregnated wood.

The room is easy to clean. It’s not overloaded with furniture pieces. There are no open shelves or inaccessible nooks.

Impasto is a rich and thick layering of colors, a painting technique frequently used in oil paintings, especially to enhance the light effect.

The apartment’s kitchen floor space is quite large — nearly 25 m². As the couple rarely gets involved in cooking but invites guests often, we’ve combined cooking, dining and sitting areas here.

Thanks to the large window, the dining room has a lot of natural lighting

The Gueridon dining table is placed in front of the sea view window.

The Gueridon table was created by an outstanding French architect and designer Jean Prouvé for Paris University in 1949.

The combination of white and wooden surfaces makes this kitchen bright and inviting. Pots with live home plants complete and highlight the airiness of the interior design.

Bright pop art blocks and elements add life to the stark Scandinavian décor.

Instead of watching TV in the evenings, the couple can enjoy lights of the bio fireplace

The apartment’s floor space is not big and there is no place for any clutter. To get rid of any useless niches, we tried to place furniture along the walls.

The small apartment looks quite spacious

Что было сделано:

  • Перепланировка и подготовка всех чертежей
  • 3D визуализация
  • Подбор мебели и материалов
  • Консультации во время ремонта

Project was developed by:
  • manager — Mary Topal
  • Modeller — Artem Grozov
  • Technical designer — Irina Studzinskaya
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