Photos for Marinelle home clothing catalogue

march 2015

Choosing models for photo shoot.

The very first idea is to show how Marinelle’s clothing makes you feel as light as a feather. We needed to make a model float in the air, but jumping wasn’t good enough because the human body gets tense while doing it. That’s why we’ve decided to try levitating.

A quick sketch of an idea

It starts with the test photo shoot. In the first shot, the model stands on a raised platform, in the second one we took a shot of her legs and the third one is the result of combining the two previous ones.

Our client liked the idea, but it required a considerable amount of time to bring it to life. As a result, we wouldn’t be able to complete our work in time. We had to drop the idea and chose a classic interior photo shoot. After visiting several Kishinev hotels searching for the suitable interiors, we chose the VisPas hotel.

Shooting pieces for women.

Model’s name is Volcov Kristine

Series of shots of male pieces.

Selected and processed photos.

The model’s name is Konstantin

Shooting pieces for kids.

Selected and processed photos.

You can see a girl whose name is Iana.

We did the fabric close-ups to show the quality. We used the photo thumbnails during the lookbook make-up.

The finished lookbook was made-up at the studio.

Project was developed by:
  • Art director, designer, photorgapher — Aleksandr Bostan
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