Acvilin-Grup website

august 2009

Acvilin-Grup trading company has been known for Moldovan consumers for a long time. It presents the mass-consumption products of such world-known grants as Nestle, Baltika, Philip Morris, Dupont at the Moldovan market.

The AWD17 studio has developed a new site for the famous company. It makes the emphasis on the Acvilin corporate style.

Информация сайта поможет будущим клиентам сформировать свое мнение о компании как о надежном и стабильном партнере. Компании-производители получат представление о фактических и потенциальных возможностях Acvilin-Grup, а представители торговых сетей или маленьких магазинчиков осознают выгоду продуманной логистики и быстрой доставки.

The information at the site will help future partners of the company to form their opinion about Acvilin-Grup and to understand that it is a reliable and dependable partner. Manufacturing companies will get an idea of the actual and potential capabilities of Acvilin-Grup; meanwhile representatives of the trade networks or the small shops will find out the benefits of the well thought-out logistics and fast delivery.

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Project was developed by:
  • designer — Anatolii Topal
  • illustrator — Katerina Kosterina
  • programer — Vlad Pereverzev
  • maker-up — Artur Derbenev
  • programer — Boris Frolov
  • copywriter — Katerina Starisheva
  • copywriter — Владислав Чередниченко