Wiza furniture manufacturer website

february 2013

The website accomplishes two important tasks: on one hand — draw the final buyers, inform them, prepare them to the purchase, on the other — creates a presupposition in order to conclude a partnership with the wholesale customers.

Coming on the website, the potential customer gets the opportunity to learn all that he is interested in: what is the differences between the kitchens with different fronts, what options exit for each type, that affect the cost of the garniture, which accessories and materials are using in the production and how takes place the process of the individual order. The well-thought banner system unobtrusively manages the visitors’ attention, directing in into sections, disposed already directly to the purchase.

Продуманная тизерная система ненавязчиво управляет вниманием посетителей, направляя его на разделы, располагающие уже непосредственно к покупке.

Основа сайта — красивые фотографии кухонь.

The convenient photo gallery includes hundreds of photos of finished kitchens, which priority and queue are easily exposed by an employee of the company using the administrative panel Easy Click. In the same way, it is easy to refresh the news on the website, to send letters to the registered users, add new jobs and pictures of the new finished kitchens.

Project was developed by:
  • designer — Anatolii Topal
  • designer, illustrator — Alexander Onika
  • manager — Mary Topal
  • copywriter — Natalya Ceban
  • programer — Vlad Pereverzev
  • maker-up — Artur Derbenev