Website management system

A website management system is a website’s reverse side that is not seen by a regular user. It determines the order and structure of information and serves as a control panel for administrators, content managers, operators, editors, and translators.

Our website management system is similar to a construction kit. We use ready-made modules and connect them to the system, depending on a website’s requirements.

A module is a set of interconnected page samples that serve a united function. For example, it could include a personal cabinet, shopping cart or filter.

Some clients come to us with a ready-made website management system. In this case, we only develop a website design.

Simple website management

All modules work based on a single principle. That is why the system is easy to understand. With large projects, content is added to a website on the development stage.


The system allows adding keywords, change page headers and their description in dynamic modules, even in the case of complex projects using third-level domains. It’s possible to provide access to third party SEO experts.

Rights differentiation

Each administrator sees only the part of the management system that he or she needs for work. Chief administrators manage users and their rights independently. This allows the involvement of third party specialists in the website’s work.

Files in proper order

All images, photos and videos are stored on the server in one file storage. Its content can be managed using the system through the file manager. The folder structure allows you to find your way around easily and to keep things organized.

Multi-language system

The platform allows the creation of many language versions as well as the translation of website content. Different language versions may have different content.

In-built banner system

The administration panel includes the option of adding banners and displaying them in pre-designated locations. Each banner has its own clicks and views statistics counter.

Order management system

Orders submitted by customers go to the management system for further processing or are transferred to other records systems.


We use various types of caching, which makes websites work faster, unloads servers and ensures seamless support of a large number of users.